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Venting. Stupid thief. Stupid neighbors.

Just needed to vent.

I share a garage with two other apartments in my building. And said garage was broken into last night. Guess who was the only one who had something stolen? Go on... guess.

Now granted, it was just my bicycle and not my car. But it's still damn annoying.

And to top it off, I also found out that this is the second garage break-in in just a few months. It seems that my neighbor came home one night while another break-in was in progress and scared the thief off. But could anyone in my building be bothered to tell me that my garage was not safe? Noooooo... of course they couldn't.


Telling me would mean having to be courteous, wouldn't it? And heaven forbid that my neighbors could be fucking courteous.


I'm feeling mighty pissed off now. Just in case you couldn't tell.

I think I need to go read some Snarry fics to cheer up.
Tags: real life
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