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Death of the Crocodile Hunter

When arrmaitee and I visited Australia almost two years ago (and my god, where does the time fly), the one place I insisted that we go to was Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. While there, I dragged poor Arrmaitee all over the place, pointing out the crocodiles that I had seen from the TV show. I was probably acting like an over-excited five year old on a sugar high.

It didn’t even matter to me that Steve Irwin wasn’t there that day – his love, passion, and enthusiasm for animals was evident everywhere in the zoo.

The day after our visit, I heard Arrmaitee tell a friend of his over the phone that he had seen “most beautiful crocodile yesterday,” and went on to describe the feeding exhibition with one of the crocs, Agro. I had to smile, because Steve Irwin’s overall message of conservation and passion about the animals he loved so dearly had clearly gotten through.

I am saddened that someone who lived life so passionately and who cared so much about animals is no longer with us. I am saddened for his wife and two little kids. I am saddened for everyone at Australia Zoo. Maybe he lived life dangerously, but it’s still a tragedy that he is gone. The world is a little less bright today without him.
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