daylyn (daylyn) wrote,

An Apology to Ravingraven

arrmaitee and I wrote an ill-conceived fic for ravingraven for the harry_holidays fic exchange. I posted an apology in ravingraven’s LJ, but I feel that it is also appropriate to make it a public apology on my own LJ.

As the co-author of this fic, I apologize. It was never our intent to be mean-spirited and hurtful. Arrmaitee and I simply share a twisted sense of humor, and our only purpose was to write what we thought was a humorous fic. In hindsight, our fic seems both ill-conceived and foolish. But please let me assure you that there was no mean-heartedness to it. Our intention was to write a parody. We simply (and wrongfully) thought we were being funny.

I am sorry for any hurt this has caused. Again, this was truly not our intent.

Have a happy new year.
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