October 2nd, 2004

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Daylyn and Arrmaitee's Australian Hike from Hell


I just had to share this adverture. arrmaitee and I are doing a holiday in Australia and New Zealand (Arrmaitee is here for four weeks, and I'm here for almost three months). We just arrived in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, and we were advised multiple times that we HAD to go see the Blue Mountains. Well, I thought that a good sightseeing tour would suffice, but Arrmaitee HAD to do the three hour hike into the Grand Canyon. So we booked a tour for Friday.

Well, Friday rolls along and it is pouring rain (I mean POURING rain), but we decided to go hiking anyway. After all, it is an adventure, right? We take this chartered bus to the Blue Moutains with a bitchy British woman and a Cirque Du Soleil escapee. Arrmaitee and the British woman get into a fight over Arrmaitee hiking with his Burberry umbrella. Of course, the more she insists that he can't hike with it, the more he insists that he can't hike without it!
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