June 4th, 2006

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Help! My mother discovered Snarry... and she likes it!

Talk about a surreal moment…

I was out all day, and came home to find my mother on the Internet. Not at all unusual. But then she called me over.

“Who wrote this story?” she asked.

“What story?” I said.

“This great story about Harry Potter.”

I looked over her shoulder and saw she was reading Gladly Beyond Any Experience by femmequixotic from the snarry_games. She must have found the story in the browser’s memory or something.

“Er…” I said.

“It’s really well written,” Mom gushed.

“Er…” I continued helplessly.

“This person should be a professional writer,” she enthused. “This is better than what J.K. does.”

Panic began to set in. I realized that I had really better warn her about what she was reading. “Just to let you know, Snape and Harry kind of get together.” I said, very, very quietly.

“Oh, I already figured that out,” she replied. “Now go away so I can read this.”

I left.

The last I heard she was at the point where Severus and Harry go to eat at the gay bar.

Yes, my almost 60 year old mother has discovered NC-17 Snarry. I don’t know whether to laugh or crawl up in a hole and die. Not that I have a problem with her reading Snarry (because everyone should read Snarry). But I don’t want to know she’s doing it. And I really don’t want her to know I’m reading it. My god, what if she asks me for recs?!

ETA: My mother just finished the story and said, "Oh, that was so cute!" Then she wanted to talk about it. I'm feigning exhaustion and hiding in my bedroom.