August 8th, 2007

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An Open Letter to LJ/6A from the Pornish Pixies Moderator

femmequixotic, the moderator for pornish_pixies, has been desperately asking LJ/6A to answer her questions regarding how their TOS will be applied to that community. They have, to date, ignored her, although that community is a known target in their newly revised anti-obscenity stance.

In another effort to get answers, she is posting An Open Letter to LiveJournal and Six Apart. She has requested that this letter be linked far and wide in an attempt to gain LJ/6A’s attention.

It is a well thought out and reasoned letter asking for clarification of their policies. The fact that LJ/6A continually refuses to answers their users’ questions is quite troubling.

Btw, I have accounts under the name daylyn in GJ, IJ, and JF, although I haven’t done anything other than establish the accounts. I plan to back up my LJ and create copies in these various places in the next few days. Feel free to friend in any of those places if so inclined.