December 25th, 2007

SH H_W My dear Watson_nekosmuse

Fic: Christmas Wishes

Title: Christmas Wishes
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, although actually in the public domain. No profit is intended.

Summary: Christmas wishes really do come true.

Author’s Note: A squid crackfic gift for the Yahoo Holmesslash group. Happy Holidays. Enjoy.

Christmas Wishes


“Yes, Watson?”

“What on earth happened here?”

“Well, Mrs. Hudson was quite stressed with the holidays, so I’m rolling pie crust, decorating the tree, hanging the mistletoe, sweeping the floor, and lighting the Yule log.”

“Holmes, you’re an octopus!”

“A squid, Watson, a squid. You see but do not observe the correct number of tentacles.”



“Holmes, why are you a squid?”

“Mrs. Hudson needed some extra hands… er… appendages. It was her Christmas wish that I help out.”

“Did you have to become a squid to do so?”

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