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My First Torchwood Drabble: Stormy Times

This was written for haldane's microfic/microfun challenge. She listed 10 song titles and you had to choose one and write a itty bitty fic in two minutes. I ended up choosing three titles and when I was finished, I had a drabble.

So here, for your enjoyment, is my very first Torchwood drabble. It's not really canon compliant, but it's what came out of my head in that short period and I liked it. Oh, and it's exactly 100 words.

The song titles used were A Storm is Coming, Magnetic Fields and I Remember You. Enjoy!

Stormy Times

“A storm is coming, Jack,” Ianto said, looking up at the sky.

Jack nodded.

“I’m not talking about the weather,” Ianto added.

“I know.”

“Where shall we go from here?” The desperation could be heard in Ianto’s voice.

“Into the magnetic fields. It’s the only place that’s safe.”

Ianto nodded. “I won’t remember you, will I?” he asked, his tone clearly betraying his devastation.

Jack didn’t respond. “Go,” he insisted and pushed the younger man into the field.

He watched as Ianto entered.

“But I’ll always remember you, Ianto,” Jack whispered. He stayed outside and waited for the approaching storm.
Tags: drabbles, fanfic, torchwood

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