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Slight Criminal Minds Rant

Okay, I commented in a few other LJ's and figured I should actually post my rant thoughts myself instead of just bothering other people. ;-)

I loved last week's episode. I've actually quite enjoyed most of the episodes so far this season (although I'm still pissed with CBS over JJ/AJ). But this week's episode... not so much love.

Morgan's whole storyline with Ellie is kind of bugging me. It had potential. Great potential. She was one of my favorite survivors. I like the parallels he has with her. They both saw their fathers--police officers--killed in the line of duty. He made her father a promise. Morgan feels responsible. I get it.


The reunion at the end of this episode with the miraculously appearing mother was forced. Really forced. And just a bit too pat: "Oh Ellie, here's mom who you haven't see in years who suddenly appears to take care of the whole problem." Um... no. I didn't mind Ellie showing up at Quantico and creating 'drama' (I actually liked that she ran away from home and made it across the country), but the solution was way too easy and made me wonder why they had the whole arc to begin with if she was just going to end up with her the suddenly discovered mother. So, essentially, there were no problems at all to be solved... Ugh...

And then there's Morgan's whole thing with Hotch...

While I liked the Hotch and Morgan interaction (and love seeing any of the team members interact with each other on a personal basis), I'm beginning to get a bit pissed with Morgan for consistently comparing this situation to Hotch's. Yeah, there are similarities, but... okay, if Hotch asked Morgan to take care of Jack, they have YEARS of history between them... not the few hours between Spicer and Morgan. Not that I don't see Morgan taking his promise seriously, but... really... it's not the same as Jack. Morgan seems to be trying to consistently show Hotch the parallels so that Hotch doesn't really question Morgan.

And Morgan has done this before. When he went into to kill confront Tim Curry's character, he told Hotch that the situation was like Foyet. Um... no it wasn't. I discussed this with the fabulous fabrisse (who I actually got to meet in person when I was in DC a few weeks ago! Woo hoo!). Um... where was I? Oh yes. No, Morgan, this is not like Hotch who had to listen his ex-wife/high school sweetheart's last moments on earth while knowing that she was going to be murdered by a psychopath who had stabbed him nine times, who had hunted him and his family, who planned to kill his four year old son, and who had killed a busload of people and then blamed Hotch. No, Morgan, watching someone who you had known for a few hours die is not the same situation. Don't get me wrong -- it was terrible and emotionally difficult, especially since Morgan obviously identifies with Ellie. But it's not fair to Hotch to keep stating that the situation is the same.

But speaking of Hotch, it was quite interesting that he looked even more stoic than usual when the team was discussing the fathers being stabbed. Um... yeah... (okay, Morgan, now that's a parallel to Hotch which is the same).

Completely unrelated, but it seems a bit odd that Reid and Rossi are always paired together now (and Morgan and Prentiss, for that matter). Look, I love Reid and Rossi (and Morgan and Prentiss). I could watch Reid and Rossi all day. But it seems like a bit of lazy writing to always put them together. Plus it creates a strange team dynamic since the team used to all work with each other interchangeably but now... not so much. Hmm... it definitely seems odd...

(Although Grand Theft Auto IV knowing!Rossi FTW! Really, that was made of awesome.)

Oh, and yeah, this episode had canon fail... Garcia has brothers. At least she did. Although they kind of disappeared. Maybe she consumed them.... in the womb! (Really, CM writers? Really? That's what you came up with? That's why psychopath teen is psychopath.)


Well, at least next week's episode has Halloween. Hopefully they remember that Reid loves Halloween...
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