daylyn (daylyn) wrote,

Ban me! Ban me!

I feel so rejected. arrmaitee is a distinguished member of a group of 168 LJ users who all allegedly banded together to terrorize this troll.

Damnit! Left out again. Afterall, I co-authored half of his work and have betaed all of it. But do I get any recognition? Does anyone ban ME for preposterous reasons? NO!

How the hell do I get banned?

I guess this is the price I pay for having been away from the fandom for so long. I've been forgotten. Relegated to a non-banned list. I feel so inadequate.

That's it! I must begin writing fanfic again. Immediately. So I can be banned as well.

Seriously, these are the most ridiculous allegations I've ever heard. How, exactly, did 168 LJ users allegedly band together to post pictures of this person on porn sites? The mind boggles...

On a personal note, I have been away from the fandom for a very long time (it's been months since I posted anything). I had a lot of RL crap to deal with, but most of that has now been resolved. So I vow to get back into things again.

Cheers all!

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