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Alphabet Meme Time!

Gacking the Alphabet Meme from just about everyone, since I’ve read some GREAT little fics from it, my life is falling apart, and I need a distraction.

This is how it works:

1. Pick a letter.
2. Pick a prompt that starts with that letter (ex. P is for Porn).
3. Pick a fandom and a character/pairing/platonic relationship.

-You can claim up to two letters and you can't claim a letter that's already claimed.

-Fandoms/Pairings: Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid is the only pairing I feel up to writing at the moment, but I’m willing to do gen and/or character perspectives from any of the characters.
Sherlock Holmes (book verse, although I might be convinced to try BBC Sherlock), Holmes/Watson is the preferred pairing, but I’m willing to do gen and other characters too.

Just note that it may take me a while to get everything written.

-Anyone can request. Don't be shy! :)

ETA: I plan to fill the requests in the order they were received. So please be patient.

A – argyle (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
B – blind date (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
C – cold (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
D – defeat (Sherlock Holmes book verse, pairings optional, Mycroft optional)
E – egotistical (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
F – first (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
G – gamble (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid) / gunshot (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
H – handholding (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
I – illness (Sherlock Holmes (book verse or BBC Sherlock), Holmes/Watson)
J – juxtaposition (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
K – kissable (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
L – latte (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
M – Maiwand (Sherlock Holmes, any verse)
N –
O – oddity (Sherlock Holmes (book verse or BBC Sherlock), Holmes/Watson)
P – pinned down (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
Q – quibble (Crim Minds (optional BBC Sherlock), Reid (paired or gen))
R – right beside you (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
S – Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes, any verse)
T – takeout (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
U – unsatisified (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
V – victory (Sherlock Holmes book verse, pairings optional, Mycroft optional)
W – Wuthering Heights (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
X – xenodochy (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
Y – yearning (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid)
Z – zealous (Crim Minds, Hotch/Reid (plus "unsub action"))

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