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Bah humbug to bah humbug or...


So, at 2:11 pm yesterday, I decided to get over my holiday funk and stop ignoring the existence of the holidays. So, at 2:11 pm yesterday, I went out and bought a Christmas tree. I forced convinced my father to come over and help decorate it while my mother (who really isn't feeling well) supervised. So now I have a tree. And I may put up more decorations today (yeah, yeah... whatever about the timing). Oh, and I got to see the end of my favorite version of Scrooge with Albert Finney and the Christmas cartoon with the Burgermeister Meisterburger, so Christmas Eve was made of win.

All in all, I'm ignoring everything that sucks in my life (like the fact I'm losing my job next Wednesday) and feeling all festive and full of holiday cheer.

So, my dear flist, MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate and a happy holiday season to all.

Oh, and it's okay that since I just put my tree up, that I leave it up until February Twelfth Night, right?
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