daylyn (daylyn) wrote,

Still Alive... Greetings from the Lost

Hello everyone! Happy Easter to those who celebrate, happy Passover to those who celebrate that, and generally happy Sunday to all!

I know I haven't been around in... well... forever. I still lurk on LJ from time to time, and I really miss the camaraderie of the old days. LJ has become a bit of a ghost town, which makes me sad, since I've interacted (and even met) some amazing people here. I'm not on Tumblr at this point, since it lacks the communication aspect that LJ has, although I do check out gifs there from time to time.

My life is okay at the moment. I'm still taking care of my elder, sick parents, which can be challenging, but they are fairly stable at the moment (at least physically... sigh... although I think they conspire to drive me crazy). The current job (that I moved for about two years ago) is still fine. I don't love it, per se, but I don't hate it either, and I work with some lovely people, so that's all good. The job will last a maximum of another two years, but I can leave before that... so I'm starting to think about getting my butt in gear and searching for a new one. I haven't done much of that recently, but I don't like the uncertainty hanging over my head. I'm lucky in that I know the time frame that I'm working within, and can start to take proactive steps.

Fandom-wise, I haven't been writing, but I'm actually getting to the point that I really miss it. I think I needed a mental break from... everything (writing, job searches, life)... and it was all I could do to get through the day dealing with work and caring for my parents. But now I'm feeling the itch to work on unfinished stories. I actually just signed up for AO3 (no idea why I didn't do that earlier), and may spend part of today beginning to archive my fics there. That may inspire me even more to start writing more, since I'm finding that I quite miss it.

All in all, life is okay. I've missed interacting with you and I hope that everyone is happy and doing well.

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