daylyn (daylyn) wrote,

I can’t believe I co-wrote this…

Hello everyone.

By way of background:

Several weeks ago, arrmaitee and I were discussing how American Idol finalist Anthony Fedorov looked an awful like Harry/Draco’s love child. His features are actually quite similar, and he has blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a scar.

Arrmaitee made a post in his LJ to that effect. As a result, he received numerous pleas to “write the fic.”

He then managed to coerce convince me that writing the fic would be both fun and a good idea.


And so, my pretties, go to arrmaitee’s LJ, if you dare, and enjoy Who’s Your Daddies?

I, of course, will be praying that Anthony Fedorov never discovers that there are people in the world who would write that he’s the wizard son of two gay five-year-old dads.

*sigh again*

I am going straight to hell.
Tags: co-writer: arrmaitee, fandom: harry potter, fanfic, parodies

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