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I Saw Remus Lupin Have an Orgasm Last Night…

Well, it was actually David Thewlis performing on stage, but still…

So, last night I saw Theater of the New Ear, which was a very cool artsy live performance. There were two short works, each performed with three actors sitting on stools, accompanied by a small orchestra and a foley artist performing sound effects. What was very cool was that because you were just listening to the actors’ performances and the sounds (they didn't "act out" any of the pieces), you created your own visualization of the work in your head.

The first work was called Anomalisa (Anomaly + Lisa), and featured our very own Remus… er… I mean David Thewlis… as a British man who was going through a bit a paranoid schizophrenic nervous breakdown. You slowly become drawn into his delusional world, and you both like and dislike the character as he unintentionally yet purposefully hurts the women around him (I realize that ‘unintentional’ and ‘purposeful’ are contradictory, but that’s what he did).

David performed with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tom Noonan and, yes, the highlight of the evening (for me) was when David and Jennifer had a sex scene together. It was very interesting watching two actors, on opposite sides of the stage, just sitting there but creating the sound effects of their characters having sex with each other. And I’m telling you, after listening to David perform an orgasm, I NEED more Lupin slash. Right now!

The other work was called Hope Leaves the Theater and was performed by Meryl Streep, Hope Davis, and Peter Dinklage. This was one of those postmodern “play within a play within a play” types of works, with Hope Davis acting as an audience member watching the performance we, the current audience, were watching, and Meryl Streep “breaking character” to have a “diva tantrum” and to yell at Hope Davis’ audience character when her cell phone goes off.

The play was one of those commentaries on the starkness and isolation of modern life (and hit a little too close to home for me in some parts), but was very cleverly and humorously done.

But still, the highlight was Remus Lupin having an orgasm… Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.


*goes off to look for Lupin stories*
Tags: amusing anecdotes, fandom: harry potter, real life
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