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Woo hoo! One of my fics has been translated into French!

How cool is this? One of my fics, A Cry in the Dark, has been translated into French by Miss Zabini. Check it out. I feel pretty amazed (and honored) that somebody would actually take the time to translate something that I wrote.

Also, check out my new Snape mood theme, created by _noesumeragi_. I spent several hours yesterday getting these up and running, thus proving I have no life. I think they look pretty cool and they complete the Snape theme for my LJ. (And yes, I probably do need help. Can’t you just see that support meeting? “Hi, I’m Daylyn and I’m a Snape-a-holic.” *shudders*) Nonetheless, _noesumeragi_ did a great job finding pictures that fit the moods, and deserves credit for all the hard work.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fanfic, pairing: draco/harry

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