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New Fic: Seven More Days, Chapter One

Hey everyone,

So arrmaitee and I have been writing slash parodies again. Woo hoo!

Check out the first chapter of Seven More Days, the sequel to Seven Days. In the first fic, a parody of the film The Ring, virginal Draco Malfoy watches a mysterious raunchy homemade video, and then receives an owl indicating that he will be “deflowered in seven days,” unless he can first uncover the video’s sordid secrets.

In this sequel, a parody of The Ring Two, Draco and Harry run off to the countryside to hide from the mystery man who wants to plunder Draco’s precious chamber. But safety is fleeting, as Draco soon finds Harry becoming more and more like the mystery man himself.

Go on. Click on over to Arrmaitee’s LJ and enjoy Chapter One of Seven More Days.
Tags: co-writer: arrmaitee, fandom: harry potter, fanfic, pairing: draco/harry, parodies

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