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The Attack of the Neighbor's Dog and an Encounter with Snoop Dogg... or my Strange Christmas Eve

This can only happen in L.A. My neighbor's dog attacked my dog and I got to rant to Snoop Dogg (yes, the rapper) about it.

This afternoon, I was taking my large, German Shepherd dog out to do his business. By way of background, my dog recently had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee, which is a pretty major operation and includes cutting the dog’s leg bone, repositioning it, and melding it back together with a metal plate. Needless to say, he is still in a fair bit of pain during the recovery phase.

I took the elevator down to the lobby of my building, the door opened and, as my dog tried to limp out, my neighbor’s horrible little Bichon Frise ran in and viciously attacked my big dog. Go ahead and laugh if you want about ankle biting little dogs, but this dog is a menace. It has already bitten several people in the building, and is always in attack mode.

My poor dog collapsed on his bad leg, and the little dog kept on biting. Then my dog, struggling to get up, tried to bite down and break the little dog’s back. I was desperately pulling him up, trying to prevent that, and the little bastard Bichon was still biting. Finally, the other dog’s owner got his terror under control. I yelled out something rather nasty, and the elevator door closed.

I pressed the button for the lobby level to open the door again, but the elevator began to rise. Obviously someone had already pressed the button on the upper floor.

My dog and I rode the elevator to the top level, the door opened, and Snoop Dogg was standing there. Yes really. Snoop Dogg. The rapper. In a mink jacket. And a Santa hat. He must have been visiting my neighbor. Needless to say, a vision of Snoop Dogg was most unexpected, especially at that moment in time.

Snoop Dogg saw my big dog, and decided not to get into the elevator with us. I can't say that I blame him, epecially since he had just heard the dog fight.

By this point, I was so pissed off because of my neighbor’s dog that I started ranting to Snoop Dogg about how my dog was injured and how the little dog viciously attacked my dog. I apologized for ranting and said that I was really upset, but then continued to rant some more.

Snoop Dogg wished me a Happy Holidays.

I returned the holiday greetings.

The elevator door closed. I rode the elevator back down to the lobby. Fortunately, the vicious dog and its owner had taken the stairs and were no longer there.

I took my poor dog, who really had to go, outside.

A few moments later, I saw Snoop Dogg leave my building. We had a brief discussion about how it’s always the little dogs attacking the big dogs before he got into his truck and drove away.

And I have to admit that, as furious as I am with my neighbor and his vicious ball of furry terror, the fact that I ranted to Snoop Dogg about it is pretty damn surreal.

Only in L.A.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
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