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Fic: Christmas Decorations

Written for jamie2109 and nocturnali's AWDT challenge prompt, “Oh My God! The tree is on fire!”

Title: Christmas Decorations
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: G
Length: 493 words
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Summary: Snarry fluff for Christmas.

Christmas Decorations

“What are you doing?”

“Decorating for Christmas.”


“Because it’s our first Christmas together. I want it to be special.”

“Potter, it is not our first Christmas together. We’ve spent many Christmases in each other’s presence. Starting from when you were eleven.”

“That’s not what I meant. Now we’re officially a couple.”

“We’ve been a couple for two years. Long enough for you to realize that I loathe all things pine scented and sparkly.”

“Severus, don’t be difficult. I like Christmas, and I want to express our joy with a few decorations.”

“Harry, I hate Christmas. It’s crass. It’s commercialized. And it brings out the worst in people.”

“Like your father, for instance.”

“We are not discussing this. And get that tree out of here.”

“See this ring, Severus. And the matching one on your finger. It’s our first Christmas since we bonded, and I’m going to decorate in celebration. Now help me light the tree.”

“Fine. Incendio.”

“Oh My God! The tree is on fire!”

“Then my work here is done.”

“SEVERUS! Get back here this instant and fix that tree, or you’re sleeping alone ‘til next summer.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Try me.”

Finite Incantatem.

“Don’t you go anywhere. You still have to help me.”

“Harry, seriously, why are you doing this? I don’t like Christmas. It brings back… difficult… memories.”

“That’s exactly why I’m doing this. We’ve both had our share of unpleasant Christmases. Now that we’re bonded, I want to erase the… difficulties… from our past and ensure that our holidays are full of joy.”

“You can’t do that, Harry. You can’t take away the past. You, of all people, should know that.”

“But I also know that you can take control of the future. And I want our future, in our home, to be full of joy and warmth and comfort and happy Christmases.”

“Our home. I like the sound of that.”

“Me too. I’ve never had a home before. I love having one with you.”

“But, Harry, does it have to include Christmas decorations?”

“Yes, Severus, it does.”

“The things I do for you. Just don’t make it into a holiday extravaganza with singing house elves and ice skating toads.”

“Er… that sounds a bit extreme. I promise, just a few decorations.”

“Fine. Have your own way.”

“You know that you’re sexy when you pout.”

“I. Do. Not. Pout.”

“Dead sexy.”


“And that growl.”


“Come on, Severus. Help me light the tree and I’ll show how sexy I find you.”

“There’s never been anyone who makes me as exasperated and as horny as you do, Harry. Illuminatio..”

“Look. It’s beautiful.”

“Yes. You are.”

“Oh Severus. Hey, I managed to find something holiday-themed that you might like. Look, it’s candy cane lube.”

“That’s… almost enticing. I think that since I haven’t hexed you or burnt the tree for the past few minutes, we should try it right now.”

“I absolutely agree. Happy Christmas, Severus.”

“Happy Christmas, Harry.”


And Happy Holidays to you all!
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fanfic, pairing: snape/harry
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