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Halloween doggy

I know it's a bit late, but my new dog, Rio, (a German shepherd rescue) just celebrated his first Halloween with us.

While carousing the neighborhood, he found what he wanted:

I'm not really sure if this was a trick or a treat.

Yeah, he's a bad doggy.
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Some days are better than others...


I just found out that it's very likely that my beloved 10 year old German shepherd dog, Gus, has Degenerative Spinal Myelopathy. Essentially, the nerves in his spine are degenerating, eventually leading to paralysis.

I know he's getting older. I know that his passing on is inevitable.

That doesn't make it any easier.

I guess the only thing to do is to make sure he's as happy as he can be while he's here.

Oh, my darling Gus...

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